Made with 100% Pure & Natural Cane Sugar
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Old Fashioned Cola Syrup

What is the difference?

Baar's Old-Fashioned Cola Syrup is formulated using 100% Pure & Natural Cane Sugar. Made as in the good ole days with NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!

A "tried and true" remedy that has always been a valuable asset to home medicine cabinets through the years, cola syrup works to soothe stomach distress and nausea. Also makes a great non-carbonated, caffeine-free drink.

Baar's Old Fashioned Cola Syrup; for those that prefer the natural taste.

Read what others have to say.

"Thrilled about the nix'd HFC!"  - C.T. Morehead, KY

"Great product. Hard to find cola syrup without high fructose corn syrup. This product is excellent."  - K.B., Fulton NY

"This stuff works!"  - S.C. Modesto, CA

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  Cane Sugar Cola Syrup

"To be sure, Cola syrup is helpful to the kidneys, but if taken, use the Cola syrup in plain water..."
  -- Cayce

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©Baar Old Fashioned Cola Syrup

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